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Inside the Clay Half | Clay Half Pottery Studio | 55 Murray Street, Montrose, Angus

About the Clay Half

A pottery studio located in the heart of Montrose, Angus 

A haven of creativity

In October 2022, Irene Hughes of Irene Hughes Pottery, proudly launched a pottery studio in the heart of Montrose town centre, realising a dream of bringing art and creativity closer to home.


Having nurtured a passion for pottery since 2003 and having taught ceramics since 2016 at Springfield Creative Arts in Arbroath, this development in her creative journey offers a dedicated space for pottery enthusiasts and creative minds alike, serving the local community and beyond.

Irene Hughes | Clay Half Pottery Studio | 55 Murray Street, Montrose, Angus

Why the 'Clay Half' ?

Cartography meets pottery!

Located at 55 Murray Street, Montrose, just north of the High Street, the inspiration behind the pottery studio's name, Clay Half, is rooted in Montrose's history. On a historic map of Montrose, the western side of the main street was referred to as the Clay Half, situated closest to the tidal basin and mud flats.  In contrast, the eastern side was named the Sand Half, closer to the beach. 

When searching for the ideal name for the studio, Irene stumbled upon this historical place name which resonated deeply with her. Not only does Clay Half pay homage to local landmarks and pottery traditions, it also holds personal significance to Irene as it connects with her background as a Cartographic and Planning Technician, marking the intersection of her passions. The name felt like a perfect blend of local history and creativity!

Formerly the Blue Door Gallery, a picture framing and art / gift shop, the Clay Half's new creative era continues the values established there and everyone finds the space naturally welcoming.

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